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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Scaffold for construction and erection of the feeding, feed and construction work with temporary structure frame, is an important auxiliary facilities of construction operations. Many different kinds of scaffolding, according to the erection of position falls into two types: outside the scaffolding and scaffolding; According to its structural form is divided into many force rod type, frame type and bridge type, hanging, hanging, lift, as well as the tool for operation between the layers scaffold, the materials used are wood, bamboo, steel pipe scaffold, generally adopts the A3 welded steel pipe, its status, development and perfection of our country construction scaffolding technology will have significant impact. Are basic requirements of scaffolding, its width should meet the requirements of workers, materials storage and transport operation, strong stability, convenient installation, can be used repeatedly turnaround. Structure is mainly refers to the operation layer, horizontal structure and vertical structure of three parts. Layer is directly under the construction load, load by scaffolding to the small bar, and then to the beams and columns. Transverse frame is composed of stud and a small bar, is directly under the scaffold and transmission part of the vertical load, it is the stress of the scaffold. Longitudinal frame is mainly to enhance the overall stability of the scaffold. Key words: construction scaffolding
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