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by:Shizhan     2020-06-22
In the modern society, the use of aluminum alloy aluminum truss on the stage is more common. But usually not personnel structures, aluminum truss stage is not possible. Stage of truss in large span factory building, exhibition hall, gymnasium, Bridges and other public buildings in the application is less. The response of the level of the bottom of the truss string to connect to the straight rod node, the straight rod receiving axial force into geometric grid supporting structure. In order to expand mesa, increase entertainment atmosphere, the stage can be extended from the main stage, raise level and the main stage a plane, let actors have greater performance space, to the audience, to achieve a variety of special effects. When not in use, the stage can retract a main stage, increase the stage area. And, more importantly, the plain girder under the action of lateral bending of the complex stress state into the inside of the truss rods simple tension and compression stress state, and can intuitively understand and pass, facilitate planning changes and combinations. Both bending and shear, truss structure can make full analysis of the data intensity, thus can be applied to all kinds of cross building roof structure. Quality and service life of aluminum alloy truss and routine maintenance work are inseparable. Only the maintenance work, we can use it better. In fact, the truss maintenance is very delicate, then how can we repair? Stage of a lot of people think that the maintenance of the truss is scrubbed every day, actually scrubbing process there are a lot of skills, specific how should scrub, how much do you know? First of all, be sure to select the appropriate cleaning agent, and usually used cleaning agent is not allowed, it will cause damage on the surface of a truss. In the daily maintenance work, be sure to choose according to the material of truss good cleaner, to reduce the damage to the product. At the same time to rinse after cleaning, and then to dry on the cloth. A cloth to dry, must choose soft cloth, but don't use coarse, it will scratch the surface of the truss, stage lose its luster. Is metal truss is very popular now, because it is the quality of light, good strength, smooth surface, not hurt. The second point to note is that in the process of construction, to observe the seams of the section is good contact. In general, these parts need special processing and protection. If you paint the outside of the truss, it will be more resistant to corrosion, especially if it is skimmed. The third point is to consider stage of truss structure shape. The safest trapezoidal shape. Two parallel side of the ladder as the contact surface parallel to the ground.
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