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How much is the jiangsu merlin scaffolding exterior wall paint a square exterior wall coating construction method and matters needing attention Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding factory

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen merlin scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine for construction of the building, exterior wall paint is an indispensable step. Exterior wall paint is in place, affects the whole construction of the visual effects, so we will ask some professional personnel to carry out the construction. So, how many money a square general exterior wall paint? What are exterior wall paint construction procedure? Everything step by step, step's role is to help us to distinguish between what to do after the first, that we can do not have to because the disorder lead to the back of the order start to lead, to this, I'm going to introduce you to stucco steps, hope to help you decorate! Stucco how much money a square? In general, the exterior wall paint is divided into two parts, and materials, artificial, different areas, of course, the price also different. Broadly speaking, human to 10 yuan/square meters, material price in ten yuan. Together also want to around 20 multivariate, lowest in 40 to 50 yuan at most. Don't pack the outside temperature, plaster, and so on, at the grass-roots level is limited to the surface. Exterior wall paint construction steps have? A, 1, construction preparation, surface smooth and without impurities, horn line is close-grained, dry wet at the grass-roots level is appropriate, metope is clean and tidy, no water seepage and bubbles. 2, airtight processing of external wall reserve, to prevent leakage. 3, grassroots exposed iron rust proofing has been completed. 4, has a good decorative scaffold. 5, completes the protection measures of construction personnel. 6, the outer wall before construction, construction temperature should be higher than 5 ℃. Second, exterior wall coating construction method 1, exterior wall coating again two times primer, paint coating system. Primer paint is very important to determine the integrity of paint; The first times paint is in order to improve the covering power and adhesion, add fullness; Second time paint decorative, reduce the violations. 2, the operation of the construction of exterior wall coating method (1) to repair the empty drum: local empty drum, injecting epoxy resin; Large empty drum, should wipe out the empty drum, redo at the grass-roots level. Aperture: use putty to repair cracks, dry after use sand paper to grind; Big cracks can do the waterproof layer after cleaning, filling slurry again can. Holes: the polymer cement putty to leveling under 3 mm holes, greater than 3 mm with cement mortar to repair. (2) clean the mortar: removed using scraper, scraper, etc. Brooms, brushes, cleaning the dust: available. Mold: outdoor high-pressure water washing, rinse out to dry. Oil: use neutral detergent to clean. (3) fill putty partial blow be bored with child: wall condition is good, can need not be bored with child; Choose high quality putty, the construction of thin, not thick brush. Smooth, polished, with grinding machine or coarse cloth polishing, first with a thin cloth polishing. In order not to affect the operation, should be in the base or putty dry after grinding. Blow be bored with child: blow be bored with child forcibly even, good grasp of the tool of the evenness of be bored with child. Three, notable matters of exterior wall paint A, during the period of construction, the operator shall ensure that have enough sleep, ensure the focus, no accident; B, check before construction scaffolding, frame board is rigid, confirm security rear can operate; C, it is forbidden to wear slippers, smooth bottom shoes on scaffolding work; D, at the end of storage and use of solvent-based coating, surface coating and thinner, it is strictly prohibited to fireworks; E, equipped with necessary protective glasses, masks. Edit summary: how much is the above is the exterior wall paint a square exterior wall coating construction method and matters needing attention of related knowledge introduction, exterior wall paint is a technical, so friends must ask professional construction personnel, as to how much money a square meters, this depends on the local conditions, friends can choose more a few price comparison, then decide. Shenzhen merlin scaffolding
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