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How much jins, mobile scaffolding can afford to build high - Guangdong pole plate button - aluminum frame manufacturer Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer focus

by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
Guangdong single lever button type aluminum frame contact telephone: 18420150310 mobile scaffolding currently in use is more, also won the majority of users. At the time of use, mobile scaffolding to withstand how much jins, can set up high? The two problems are all very attention. Bear the weight of is not small, but high height cannot be infinite, also need to in strict accordance with the relevant rules to follow, will work safety in the first place. Gantry scaffolding bearing force can bearing the weight of a few adults, bearing strength is very strong, and not bent or deformation. The answer to this is subjected to weight, weight, a few adults tend to be hundreds of pounds, a few people in the above at the same time, also is not a problem. How high up to build highly? Mobile scaffolding, general had better not more than 15 meters to 20 meters high. Concrete can be in accordance with the 'technical specification for construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety, the door type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specification for construction of buildings, the architectural engineering provisions to prevent a fall accident, the operation safety technical specifications JGJ80 - construction height 91 ', 'working construction of higher safety technical regulations and so on. If the height of 25 meters above, be sure to use fastener type steel pipe scaffold, its poling scaffold height must control within 50 meters, if exceeded 50 meters gantry scaffolding, must adopt double pipe in the building the suspension rod and wire rope. Or didn't take the professional design, making the door scaffold, use rise more reliable. Doors scaffold application, must be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant to the erection, combined with the actual use at the same time also need to see, and so on. Usually on the top of the mobile scaffold will be the biggest load, and the erection height that information, don't ignore this information, and to carry out according to relevant provisions, if in the process of the erection, need to change its structure, must after determination of the relevant departments of the inspection. Single pole plate buckles type aluminum frame factory in guangdong
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