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How much will it cost for portable scaffolding production?
The production cost for portable scaffolding relies on both the price of materials and the production technology. For one thing, the material cost is the most original factor. Whether the figure could decrease not or depends on the technology and the quantitative production. The higher the technology is, the less the cost. This is also the “for another thing”. So is the quantitative production. If the order is larger, the size of quantitative production is greater. Under this, the unit cost would decline.
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Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd Guangzhou Branch is an established Chinese company, specializing in development and manufacturing of front of stage barrier. Since its establishment, we have been active in the market. Shizhan Group's light stage series are created based on unremitting efforts. Its quality is effectively controlled during the production process. It caters to all types of live event applications. Shizhan Group specializes in locating exquisite truss display and professional services. It is manufactured by an ISO9001:2000 certified factory.
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We minimize the negative impact of our production activities and promote both recovery and environmental-protection projects. We are developing new technologies in order to avoid unnecessary resource consumption.

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