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How much wind reached level can't use aluminum alloy scaffold - fast The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold using high in the sky, the wind of factors play a considerable role, at the right wind environment, pay attention to protect under the condition of safe to work, and when the wind is bigger and the lack of an effective protection under the condition of fixed and stability and the factors of the wind become one of the most dangerous conditions for aluminum tower, must consider the factors and focus on the wind: the wind speed & gt; 7. 7 m per second, stop tower; If the wind speed at 11. 3 m per second, and tied the tower on the buildings; Must be dismantled tower such as 18 m per second. Describe beaufort scale scale wind speed series for every 421 - MPH speed impact protection measures and the wind 29 the wind blowing, leaves, paper can work safety breeze - 530 High winds 640-39 saplings pendulum stop working 50 twigs swaying, telephone voice take measures to protect tower 863 - storm 74 how tough a twig broken, dismantling tower safety mobile aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold? 1: check before moving in the process of moving, the ground without obstacles, such as building roof structure, such as cable wire high obstacles. 2: the movement of the tower can only in accordance with the application of artificial mobile, never can adopt the way of mechanical movement, such as the trailer or a forklift to move; Tower system immediately after moving brake and check the tower's vertical stabilizer. 3: in the rough ground must be careful when the mobile tower, before moving to remove the obstacles on high ground 12 mm, and cannot be used on the gradient of the ground mobile,. 4: when the mobile tower shall not be someone or something else objects were stranded on the pedals. 5: move attention should be paid to guarantee the stability and security of tower, brace to support triangle with the ground to keep a distance of 12 mm or less H 20 mm or less, in order to play a supporting role. 6: when the mobile tower castor no brake, ensure caster wheel can rotate freely. 7: to inspect the site environment, to make sure that no other influence factors of aluminium alloy tower move there.
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