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How should customers identify the advantages and

by:Shizhan     2020-05-19
The stage truss has been widely used in recent years. Most of the built stages are made of aluminum alloy stage truss. How should customers identify the advantages and disadvantages of stage truss, let us take a look at it today. Aluminum alloy stage truss 1. The appearance of the truss: due to the fixed requirements for the size, shape and alignment of the screw holes, high-quality truss technology, accurate specifications and dimensions, there will be no welded joint size and the shape is uncertain. Second, packaging requirements, some stages of truss manufacturers will implement some simple safeguards in products to ensure that they are not worn during transportation. In fact, products such as truss are generally in transit, as long as they are not violent collisions, there is no problem. 3. The surface of the high-quality truss is silver. This is because the truss material is galvanized, so it is particularly bright, while the untreated truss surface is dim and cannot achieve the stage effect. Fourth, look at the product quality system management certificate and business license, on the one hand to ensure product quality, on the other hand to ensure that we can enjoy perfect after-sales service. The price of the same brand is different, basically depends on the different materials, the level of the truss manufacturer is uneven, resulting in large fluctuations in product prices, the country's concern about environmental protection. Some small raw material companies or some unqualified small workshops have been closed, and some companies that rely on low-cost materials must raise prices. Therefore, consider whether the materials are formal when purchasing.
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