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How to build a safe and stable stage equipment

by:Shizhan     2020-05-15
In recent years, performance accidents have occurred from time to time. As far as the decoration industry knows, in our country, on February 7 this year, Faye Wong's Chongqing concert had an auditorium collapse accident; before pushing forward, the temporary stand of Jacky Zhang's Wuhan concert collapsed in 2002; Qi Qin Beijing concert band in 2005 The drummer fell into the lifting platform and died; the 2009 Beijing concert, Luo Dayou fell into the lifting gap for the piano while singing. Overseas, Madonna's performance in Spain in 2009 was cancelled due to the collapse of stage equipment; in 2011, a concert in Indiana, USA also suffered a stage collapse caused by a strong typhoon. Judging from these cases, the performance of temporarily setting up the stage and grandstand is easy to accompany the safety accident. While the Chinese performance market is gradually prospering, it should also call for performance operation and management to become standardized, standardized and industrialized. The issue of temporary stage security should be given more attention. With the development of the performance industry, temporary stage and stand construction have become commonplace, but stage and stand construction is an emerging industry, and there are still serious irregularities on the whole. For example, the overall quality of employees is low, and most companies are in the state of small workshops. The technology is backward and the quality is uneven. In addition, there have been few professional acceptance units for temporary stage construction projects over the years, and public security organs do not know much about stage engineering. All this makes the safety issue of the temporary stage a problem that has troubled the development of the performance industry. In order to ensure safety, industry standards should be adopted for the performance of performance safety, and technical standards for the construction of temporary stages and stands should be formulated; first, it is necessary to choose stage manufacturers with guaranteed quality and excellent product quality to cooperate, and secondly, they must be technical and qualified The construction of the professional team must be carried out in strict accordance with the standards during the construction process, and the construction quality cannot be ignored on the basis of so-called experience; an acceptance agency composed of professionals must also perform the construction acceptance, and the performance can only be performed after the acceptance. Fortunately, in June last year, 'Technical Requirements for the Temporary Construction of Performance Stages and Stands' was approved by the Ministry of Culture as an industry technical standard, and the industry began to explore. At present, the China Performers Association has established an acceptance agency for temporary stage construction and stands, and organized experts in the industry to inspect the temporary construction stage. During the previous Shanghai World Expo, the China Performers Association cooperated with the Shanghai Performance Industry Association to organize experts to During the World Expo, the quality construction and safety acceptance of the stage construction project of the venue for cultural and performing arts activities ensured the safe conduct of more than 20,000 performances. Another example is the Guangdong Provincial Performance Industry Association, which has also carried out stage dance beauty enterprise, engineering enterprise qualification level certification and dance beauty engineering technical personnel qualification assessment work. Of course, it is not the only measure to ensure the safety of the performance and standardize the stage construction. It is also important to purchase the corresponding personal and property insurance. Shizhan has a professional R & D, production and after-sales team, focusing on: R & D and manufacturing of iron, aluminum stage, T stage, truss, lighting rack, iron horse, guardrail, road flag, chorus table and other celebration display supplies, advertising campaign supplies , The factory's modern production base, integrating R & D, production, office and warehousing, is the most professional display supplies manufacturer in Jiangsu.
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