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How to build aluminum alloy stage truss?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-19
??Aluminum alloy stage truss, also known as truss, is widely used in various stages, performances, exhibitions and other event venues. There are many types of truss, and they are very different in style and materials. Truss, how to build a stage lighting frame? What are the steps? ??1: First of all, we need to put the four corner bases, adjust the lower legs so that they are on the same horizontal plane, and then insert the truss on the outside of the four corner bases to support the bottom part. ??2: Fix the reverse side of the screw on the base, remember that the direction of the screw cannot be rotated in the wrong direction, and it should be the same as the sign in the picture, then link the beam on the ground, and connect both ends and both sides. , So that the beam part is assembled. ??3: Lay the column truss flat and then connect it, screw one end of it to the opposite end, and screw the other end to the crossarm, and then connect the hanging hoist to the crossarm, it is used to connect the lower beam truss Lift up, after this step is completed, you can ask your colleagues to help, slowly erection of the main column truss, not too hard, carefully push down the main column, and then fix the head screw. ??4: After erecting the upright, the hoist hoist hooks the crossbeam through the sling, and then slowly pull up the crossbeam until the head position of the crowd is sufficient, and then install the lighting and sound equipment on the crossbeam. ??5: After all the above steps have been set up, we have to check whether their four bases are on the horizontal line, the diagonal brace extension bar must be fixed on one side, and then the other end and the post are tightened, and the light stand is set up. After this, there will be a safety brace installed on each column in Shanghai, which will be more secure. ??When you build a stage lighting stand, you should pay attention to check the weather. If it is affected by bad weather, it is not recommended to build it outdoors.
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