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How to choose a good stage truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-17
Now in the use of stage truss and other products, many customers will demand quality as the first, because this is related to the safety of all activities in the later stage, and it has to arouse the attention of stage truss manufacturers and customers. First of all, a good stage truss should not only have good materials, but also a good design. The material is the top priority of the truss. If there is no good material, what should be used to support the entire stage? The design should not only be novel, but more importantly, be reliable. Because it is related to human life; secondly, there is a good truss, then it is the technical requirements. When welding, not only fine welding, welder rules, but also accurate size, only in this way will not appear welding roughness, shape The phenomenon of irregularity and different sizes of solder joints will not cause the loosening of screw holes or the misalignment of the truss and accessories; the last is the aesthetics of the truss. The surface of the general truss is bright silver, which is more novel and atmospheric Glorious.
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