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How to choose and buy domestic aluminum alloy scaffolding, the answer is here - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Domestic aluminum alloy scaffolding has so many advantages, corrosion resistance, easy to transport, high safety, low maintenance cost, various combination and so on, so we should how to choose and buy domestic aluminum alloy scaffolding? Please together with Dr Ladder of small make up down and have a look. First, should choose to have aptitude normal manufacturer, and is rich in actual construction case of the current domestic many on-site installation in the production of aluminum alloy scaffolding or distribution aluminum scaffolding business opportunities, but the really experienced very few, many of the newly established company, propaganda became has 40 years of production experience, so there is a lot of cheating consumers. Should set up the company specializing in the production of aluminum alloy scaffolding, which is aluminum alloy scaffolding industry leading enterprises in guangdong, has a wealth of actual construction cases. Domestic aluminum alloy scaffolding second, choose aluminum alloy scaffolding products, pay attention to the quality of the product and the details of the current domestic many originally do stage frame, ladders, iron scaffolding, because the current aluminum alloy scaffolding application is more and more widely, their manufacturers also want to share, to imitate should set up the professional aluminum alloy scaffolding established manufacturers. But they make to most of the products do not conform to safety standards, in order to save materials and artificial cost, regardless of the security is widespread, such as market, most manufacturer currently frame connection without tee connection to welding, direct pipe with pipe butt welding, rapid installation using cold pressing, without the use of welding and so on are all regardless of safety. Domestic aluminum alloy scaffolding third, choose to die casting or extrusion as connection component we know die casting products is very fragile, especially under the condition of material is not enough thick, it is easy to break, almost ninety-nine percent of the products on the market are used as connecting parts, die casting, insist on using only lattice column profile extrusion as the connecting parts, although manufacturing costs have gone up, but in order to greatly improve the safety performance, the cost of these parts can't save, aluminum alloy scaffolding is the work high above the product, must put an end to any safety accident. That is about how to choose and buy of domestic aluminum alloy scaffolding related to share, after watching the above share friends to know how to choose and buy the aluminum alloy scaffolding? If you also want to know more welcome to Dr Ladder yo.
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