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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Aluminum alloy scaffolding has many advantages, such as: light, high strength structure; Lunch fast transportation and installation; High safety, can be combined at random set-up; Maintenance cost is low; High anticorrosive; Such as, how to correctly choose aluminum alloy scaffolding? Has rich experience in installation engineers to the construction unit choose aluminum alloy scaffolding enough attention points: first, should choose to have aptitude normal manufacturer, and have a fruitful field installation of actual construction cases. Today many produces aluminum alloy scaffolding or domestic distribution of aluminum alloy scaffolding business opportunity many, but the really experienced very few, many of the newly established company, propaganda became has 40 years of production experience, so that there is a big stick to cheat consumers. Scaffolding manufacturer to produce aluminum alloy scaffolding, which is the aluminum alloy scaffolding industry leading enterprises in guangdong, which is of great practical construction cases. Second, choose aluminum alloy scaffolding products, pay attention to the quality of the product and details. Today modes of life and the domestic many originally do stage frame, ladders, iron scaffolding, due to the aluminum alloy scaffolding used more and more widely today, for their manufacturers also want to share, but most of them to make to the product of inappropriate security measures, in order to save materials and artificial cost, arm Ann is widespread, like on the market, all manufacturers today frame connection without tee connection again greatly welding, direct pipe with pipe butt welding, rapid installation head cold press operation, not safe operating welding and so on are out arm. Third, choose to die casting or extrusion as connected components, we know that the die casting products is very weak, out of line is material not thick enough environment, it is easy to break, almost ninety-nine percent of the product on the market today are operating die casting as connecting parts, only the scaffolding factory adhere to the operating profile extrusion as the connecting parts, manufacturing costs have gone up, of course, but in order to greatly improve the safety function, the cost of these parts can't save, aluminum alloy scaffolding is a product high homework, must put an end to the occurrence of any security confound. Fourth, select welding or choose cold press? Cold pressing technology is the scaffold component connection, is to choose the welding or cold good? Cold pressing is operating machinery aluminum extrusion deformation, through the process of deformation department will be jammed together to connect. This technique from about general JiuJi years into China, once the general four or five years operation, quickly replaced by welding technology, aluminum alloy scaffolding on the market for nearly 10 years will be almost the same time this technology in cutting condition, the existence of crisis problem is the connection way make fasteners loose easily, and the manufacturing cost even more than the cost of the welding. Loose the reason is obvious, aluminum alloy scaffolding on the structure of the connection, upwards, is not inevitable, hanging out will occur is the underlying purpose of force, a fastening parts of the stress profile deformation or occur deformation, deformation will product loose environment and start soon after the operation there is no problem, but time is long, loose problem will occur today on this technology is better than welding a large number of propaganda, the actual operation experience of the construction unit greatly not choose this product.
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