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How to choose the appropriate aluminum alloy scaffolding?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-23
With the development of society, aluminum alloy scaffolding has gradually replaced scaffolds made of other materials, but if its development also makes bad merchants produce bad products to the market, then how to choose the right aluminum scaffolding Today I will show you how to choose aluminum alloy scaffolding. Aluminum scaffolding 1. We should choose qualified regular manufacturers and have a wealth of actual construction cases for on-site installation. At present, there are many businesses that produce aluminum alloy scaffolding or distribute aluminum alloy scaffolding in China, but have little practical experience. Many businesses deceive consumers when customers choose scaffolding. Second, choose aluminum alloy scaffold products, pay attention to product quality and details. Due to the increasing use of aluminum scaffolding, these manufacturers also want to share a slice of the soup, thus imitating some large aluminum scaffolding manufacturers. However, most of the products they produce do not meet safety standards. In order to save material and labor costs, safety is usually ignored. Third, choose die castings or extruded parts as connecting members. We know that die-cast products are very fragile, especially when the material is not thick enough, it is easy to break. At present, nearly 99% of the products on the market are die-cast products. As the connecting parts, only Juchen insists that the profile extrusion is the connecting part. Although the manufacturing cost is increased, in order to greatly improve the safety performance, the cost of these components cannot be saved. Aluminum scaffolding is an aerial work product and must prevent any safety accidents.
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