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How to classify aluminum alloy truss

by:Shizhan     2020-06-23

Professional aluminum alloy stage specification for general use stage 1. 22 * 1. 22 meters assembly stage. Commonly used in theatre, television, and so on the big stage, because of frequent use, covered the whole area will directly to the stage, as shown in figure this, for example, in order to metope, edge corner cut processing and metope is seamless joint, so there will be abnormal stage edge shape. This is a professional aluminum stage, about 20 meters in length, width of 12 meters ( Except arc area) .

Distinguish aluminum alloy truss from its structure, can be divided into aluminum screw truss, fundamental aluminum alloy truss fast. In the current domestic leasing company usually buy aluminum screw truss, with the continuous development of market stage, stage equipment for steel structures, the promptness of demand is higher and higher, yao's people think aluminum alloy quickly inserted truss will gradually replace aluminum screw truss. A, with square tube truss structures, setting wall concrete method is as follows: 

1. Aluminum alloy truss on the size, are used more size is 300 * 300 mm, 400 * 400 mm, 400 * 500 mm, 400 * 600 mm, 520 * 760 mm, 600 * 760 mm. 2. All aluminum alloy truss ready first, on the ground, and then use the screw connects the background box on the ground are 3. Around the perimeter of the background box stretched on polaroid cloth; General small medium-sized performances, with 300 * 300 mm, 400 * 400 mm more these two sizes. Large-scale performances using 520 * 760 mm, 600 * 760 mm, if the span of more than 30 meters super large span requirements. Custom-made stage can be circular arc or other shapes, custom-made stage stage generally use of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy than steel according to the features of flexible, can bend.                                

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