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How to climb the scaffold construction workers? - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Excuse me, how to climb the scaffold construction workers? Went up from inside the building and then on to the scaffold, cannot use the bottom to high, very energetic, must have the occupational alert and prevention, min is very irresponsible, easily fade out of high altitude areas, construction of the special environment. Existence malpractice safe hidden trouble of the nature of human behavior. To force management field, organize their meetings, supervise the safety construction technical clarificaiton, prohibited behavior way to climb mount guard operation platform, eliminate safety hidden trouble of blind Angle, stop immediately and education quality improvement, prevent high fluctuation of construction workers fall injuries is dangerous. Any form of construction site, and how to prevent high climbed scaffolding workers? First of all to say is that different buildings have different construction environment, construction plan design, there will be the scaffold construction implement similar counterweight to ensure safety, evil cannot lack of leakage of four construction environment, it is established that controlled security to carry out the thing, is also the site safety personnel information technology security conditions established rules. Abstract build ultra-high independent column pier construction characteristics, the standard of show the key auxiliary construction safety of the scaffold, must be able to match fold back to type in the shape of a trapezoid safety foot ladder, up and down around the guard around the safety net, the set-up technology indicators requirements, meet 迏 established safe aerial work, to design the related important auxiliary platform. Construction attaches great importance to the erection of scaffolding to create high-quality security environment, the construction workers will violate compasses behavior to climb? Construction workers scaffolding generally are mostly high floor, several or even dozens of layers, no one is actually normal allow workers directly from below a layer of a layer of climbing scaffold, easy to have an accident is too dangerous, each floor has a window and climbed scaffolding are come from to the construction of the layer window to the scaffold construction outer wall ( Wearing a helmet before construction, fasten your seat belts, belts in the scaffold with a piece of steel pipe at one end, can move around, convenient work) , building the main body is from down to up a layer construction, appearance and do one layer from top to bottom construction, is also the external walls, do a good job in a layer of a layer of the scaffold removed, until the bottom.
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