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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
In order to prevent the operators in a certain height and position of possible fall, operators, when working in the high and of higher must hang the safety belt, seat belt use and maintenance to do the following requirements: 1, the ideological belts must be attaches great importance to the safety belt. Countless examples proved that the seat belt is & quot; Help with & quot; 。 But there are a few people think wearing a seatbelt, walking up and down is not easy, especially in some small live, temporary work, think 'have tied belt time live is done'. Little imagine, accident happened in a flash, fasten your seat belt must be in accordance with the provisions, requirements so high. 2, to check whether each part is in good condition before use. 3, such as high work not fixed up, should use appropriate strength of suspension wire rope or other methods. Ban on a mobile or with sharp tax spindle Angle or unstable. 4, high hanging low. Hang your seat belt on high, and people in the following work is called high hanging low. It can make is to fall when the actual impact of distance is reduced, the opposite is low hanging high. Because when the crash occurred, the actual impact of distance increased, and the rope will be a larger impact load, so the seat belt must be low with high, put an end to low hanging high. Seat belt 5, a seat belt is fastened on the solid component or object, to prevent swinging or collision, the rope knot can't use, hooks to hang on the link. 6, seat belt rope case to keep in good condition, in case the rope frayed. If found that the case of damage or loss, must be combined with a new set of after use. 7, seat belt strictly forbid after long use. If you use more than 3 m and the ball must be added when buffers, parts shall not be arbitrarily dismantled. After 8, seat belt use, should pay attention to maintenance and safekeeping. Always check the sewing part of seat belts and the hook part, must be inspected twisting whether breaking, and the damage has occurred. Space harness 9, seat belt when not in use shall be properly kept, and not to be exposed to high temperature, flame, strong acid, strong alkali or sharp objects, do not store in damp warehouse keeping. After 10, seat belt use for two years should be to sample at a time, frequent use should be regular appearance inspection, found that abnormal must be replaced immediately. On a regular basis or sampling test used seat belt, not to continue to use again.
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