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How to distinguish the quality of stage lighting stand?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-26

I believe everyone knows that stage lighting stands play a very important role in stage construction and lighting and sound. Therefore, the quality of the stage lighting stand among them determines the safety of the stage construction and the stage effect of the user. So, how do we distinguish the quality of the stage lighting stand in terms of quality? Let's discuss this issue together?


1. Check the appearance of the stage lighting stand. A good quality product must have a process of appearance treatment. The quality of the stage lighting stand should be silver-white and have good reflectivity. The inferior stage truss, on the contrary, has a dull color and a lot of noise Color and so on.


2. To check the beauty of the welding spot, one of the most important processes of the stage lighting frame is welding. The quality of the welding process directly affects the overall stability of the truss. The soldering point of a good welding process is relatively uniform, fine and beautiful. If the solder joints are large and small, and there are obvious welding holes, missing welding, etc., it is definitely a poor stage lighting stand.


3. To check the size of the stage lighting frame, screw truss depends on whether the holes are aligned, and check whether the bolt truss is installed. If the hole position is not correct, the bolt interface cannot be linked, and such a stage lighting rack is undoubtedly quite inferior.


3. Check the condition of the two ends of the stage lighting stand. The flat surfaces at both ends of a good-quality stage lighting stand will be smoothed by polishing. If it is a company with imperfect technology, the polishing process may be omitted, and the two ends of the stage lighting frame are rough and uneven.


4. Finally, it is recommended that you want to buy or lease a high-quality aluminum alloy stage lighting rack. The best way is to go to the manufacturer's workshop to observe the production process and conduct a field inspection, so that you can accurately know the quality of the stage equipment produced by the manufacturer it is good.                                

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