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How to install aluminum alloy tower

by:Shizhan     2020-05-16
Aluminum alloy tower is one of the scaffolding, but its structure is higher than the ordinary scaffolding, how to install the aluminum alloy tower, let us take a look at it today. Aluminum alloy tower 1. At least 2 technicians are required to install the aluminum alloy tower installation site to ensure that the installation method is correct. 2. Check whether the tower's ground can withstand the structure of the tower with the maximum bearing capacity. 3. Check the components before installing the tower to ensure that the components are qualified. After installing the tower, you should use a spirit level to check whether the tower is vertical before use. 4. The pedal platform with increased height shall not be used without an aluminum frame (or guardrail); during the process of erecting or removing the tower, the temporary pedal shall be regarded as the working platform of the guardrail 0.5 m or 1 m above the platform. 5. When the aluminum tower is constructed separately, the maximum working platform shall not exceed 8 meters outdoors and 12 meters indoors. If the maximum working platform exceeds the relevant regulations, relevant experts should be consulted and appropriate protective measures taken. 6. Lock the casters and unlock only when moving the tower. 7. Make sure there are no obstacles during installation, disassembly, movement and safe work! Pay attention to wind protection during installation, disassembly, movement and safe work! 8. All towers should be equipped with side guards, such as skirting boards and fences. 9. When the tower is used outdoors, when the wind speed exceeds level 6, the tower will be moved into a refuge or fixed (such as anchored) to prevent falling. 10. When using towers in hollow, uncovered or corner buildings, attention should be paid to the influence of wind. 11. Before using the tower, the verticality of the tower and the safety changes caused by the environment should be checked and improved (adjust the casters to maintain the balance and verticality of the entire tower).
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