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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Scaffolding manufacturers custom contact phone number: 18420150310 button, buckle and bowl button scaffolding steel pipe contrast scaffold is homework personnel to ensure high safety smoothly construction and erection of working platform and operation channel, the erection quality is directly related to the personal safety of construction personnel, if improper scaffold material selection, erection of weak and unstable, small you will need to rework, waste of resources, serious can cause heavy casualties accident. , therefore, it is necessary for us to be familiar with the specific requirements of different types of scaffolds for raw materials, in strict accordance with the standard check and choose the corresponding material, in order to make sure there is enough strength, stiffness and stability, also cannot too conservative at the same time, in order to avoid in the high low, waste material. We know that each type of scaffold has a corresponding industry standard, standard terms of raw materials of different scaffold has a very detailed, but as a professional designer, we have no time and energy to study a detailed understanding, in order to facilitate everybody quickly to master relevant knowledge, based on the panel button, fasteners, bowl of corresponding industry standard 'JGJ130 - 2011 construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications ', 'JGJ166 - 2008 construction bowl scaffold safety technical specifications ', 'GJ231 - 2010 construction socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold safety technical regulations, combined with the actual use of the market at present, the main force a vertical pole, for example, through the form easy to understand way, summarizes the fastener type button, bowl type and plate type, disc type scaffolding steel pipe materials of some common attributes in the following table, consult for everybody to learn. Can be seen from the comparison table, the fastener type steel pipe scaffold using steel pipe diameter is relatively small capacity is limited, at the same time, both inside and outside wall exposed, easy to rust, scaffolding system belongs to the eccentric bearing, the whole, lead to this kind of steel pipe erection of scaffolding steel quantity and stability and reliability is not high, and the erection of workload and labor intensity, low efficiency of construction; Button scaffolding steel pipe diameter used two-sided galvanized processing, not easily corroded, and the axial force, both bearing capacity and the overall stability and reliability are significantly higher than fasteners and bowl, taken together, the safety and efficiency higher button scaffold will be the inevitable trend of engineering construction in our country. Activity scaffold fastener manufacturers custom number project type button bowl type disc type comparison conclusion 1 Q235BQ235BQ345BQ345 steel pipe material yield strength ( 345 mpa) Higher than that of Q235, 235Mpa) Steel pipe diameter (2 mm) 48 48 phi phi phi 60 tray button big diameter, bearing capacity is big 3 steel pipe diameter tolerance range ( mm) ±0. 5±0. 5 + 0. 3-0. 1 set button 4 steel tube wall thickness tolerance range small, mm) 3. 63. 53. 2 lease industry fastener type and bowl type steel tube wall thickness rarely can satisfy the requirement of national standard of steel tube wall thickness tolerance range (5 mm) ≥3. 24≥3. 4753. 1 - 3. 3 button type small tolerance range 6 embalmed paint paint hot dip galvanized plate button more resistant to corrosion and loading mode vertical load with fastener steel pipe friction transmission, eccentric force, overall stability and reliability of vertical load with fastener steel pipe friction transmission, eccentric force, overall stability and reliability of vertical load by jacking is passed to the stud, axial force, good overall stability and reliability of disk button reliability is strong, with a small amount of steel and large carrying capacity, high construction efficiency, hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion, has a good engineering image, low comprehensive cost of construction
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