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How to play the scaffolding, you must know the common sense of four - The sunshine which - aerial work platform Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the high

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Sunshine which aerial work platform contact phone number: 18420150310 panel button, bowl type, disc type scaffold for the major components of the common normative requirements as we listed the fastener scaffold in steel, fasteners, adjustable support regulatory requirements, such as bowl scaffold than fastener scaffold has more features, the characteristics of the bearing capacity is bigger, higher safety and reliability, in respect of main components, the relative components variety of fastener type, and such as fasteners with sporadic easily lost, this part buckle bowl scaffold components types are very few, the bowl, the bowl on the buckle, stud, rail joint and bowl limit pin combination with widgets such as integration, Welding) Above the bar, easier to use and management, therefore, in the development of scaffold, fastener scaffold is replaced by bowl button and button scaffold is the trend of The Times. , goes the button type, disc type, fastener type, bowls button scaffolding to the requirement of main components, now let's look at the bowl button scaffolding, according to the JGJ166 - 2008 construction of bowl type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications 'regulation and the actual usage, let's sum up bowl scaffold for the major components of the normative requirements, : 1, on the bowl, adjustable base and adjustable support nut malleable cast iron or cast steel manufacturing, should be adopted in its material mechanical properties shall comply with GB9440 KTH330 - The euro and GB11352 ZG270 - The provisions of the 500; 2, under the bowl, bar connector, diagonal joints should be manufactured carbon steel casting, its material mechanical properties shall comply with GB11352 ZG230 - The provisions of the 450; 3, USES the steel plate hot stamping the overall shape of the bowl, plate shall meet the requirements of the standard level of Q235A steel GB700 plate thickness shall not be less than 6 mm. And the 600 ~ 650 & amp; 牛; C aging treatment. It is forbidden to use old rusted steel restructuring; 4, stud link coat thickness shall not be less than 3. 5 - 0. 025 mm, inner diameter is not more than 50 mm, outer sleeve length is not less than 160 mm, overhanging length not less than 110 mm. Bowl of retaining node figure sunshine which aerial work platform
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