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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Steel pipe scaffold cantilever contact telephone: 18420150310 disc type, plate buckles scaffold for the major components of some common normative requirements mentioned above we button scaffolding requirements for steel pipe and plate is relatively higher, the shape of the main have clear material requirements, specific tolerance requirements, production process requirement of bar, etc. , according to the JGJ231 - 2010 construction socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold stipulated in safety technical regulations and actual usage, disc type, tray type scaffold specific requirements to other major components are as follows: 1, the stud button node should be according to 0. 5 m module Settings. 2, horizontal and diagonal rod end buckle joint bolt connection with the connection plate should have reliable non-skid structural measures; 3, wedge bolt slope should satisfy the wedge can be self-locked after connecting plate, the thickness should not be less than 8 mm, size deviation plus or minus 0 allowed. 1毫米; 4, poling connection steel casing pipe and seamless pipe casing in two forms. For cast steel casing form, the stud connection sleeve length should not be less than 90 mm, overhanging length should be not less than 75 mm; For seamless pipe casing form, the stud connection sleeve length should not be less than 160 mm, overhanging length should be not less than 110 mm. Casing diameter and vertical bar steel pipe diameter clearance should not be greater than 2 mm; 5, vertical rod connected to the vertical rod bushing should be set fixed stud connectors and pull out the pin hole, socket type plate buckles type steel pipe support pin hole for & amp; 众人; 14 mm, stud connectors diameter appropriate for & amp; 众人; 12 mm, allowing the size deviation plus or minus 0. 1mm。 6, the steel pipe scaffold cantilever factory accessories appearance quality should meet the following requirements: casting surface should be smooth, can not have sand holes, defects such as shrinkage cavity, crack, poured riser residual, surface adhering sand should be cleared; Stamping parts can not have burrs, defects such as cracks, scale; 7, the effective weld height should be consistent with the provisions of this discipline, and welds shall be full, welding flux clean, can not have lack of penetration, sand inclusion, bite meat, cracks and other defects; Adjustable base and adjustable bracket screw teeth appropriate USES trapezoidal tooth, type A tube appropriate configuration & amp; 众人; 48 screw and the regulating handle, B type tube appropriate configuration & amp; 众人; 38 screw and the regulating handle, screw shall not be less than 36 mm in diameter. 8, adjustable base and adjustable bracket surface should be galvanized, galvanized surface should be smooth, the joints can not have burrs, drops of tumor and excess agglomerate; Frame body bar and components surface should be galvanized or besmear brushs antirust paint, coating should be even and firm; Main components of plant identification should be clear. Scaffolding steel pipe scaffold cantilever overhung manufacturers remind many construction units courage also is very big, roadside dismantled scaffold, while passers-by come and go, one thousand accident, drop something down from above, hit a person, is in big trouble? Safety consciousness is very weak, there is no accident often did not think of first in advance.
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