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How to prevent aluminum alloy scaffold falling? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
How to prevent aluminum alloy scaffolding in falling? At the height of the work, should do the following work, to prevent falling objects and damage: a, aluminum alloy scaffolding occupational safety and health administration regulation, if the aluminum alloy scaffolding 3 meters above the ground, workers must be equipped with civil air defense fall protection device. 2. Aluminum alloy scaffolding when install or remove, full-time security personnel should decide when to use for device. 3. For the majority of aluminum alloy scaffolding, which must be all around and set up protective railings on both ends of the frame. To support the scaffolding and other forms of scaffolding, protective railings or personal fall prevention device is enough. But for the suspension blue aluminum alloy scaffolding, need protective railings and personal fall prevention devices. Use the security line rather than a security guard against falling. 4. When aluminum alloy scaffolding platform is less than 35. 56 cm, work side don't need to be used as a fence, should reach 45 plaster fixation of the work surface. 72 cm, steel beam and the elongation of the exterior walls should not be more than 7. 62 cm. 5. In support of aluminum alloy scaffolding, railings and the distance between the operating platform for 96. 52≤114. 3 cm, upper rail must withstand 200 pounds of force. ( Of single point or double point hanging bearing requirements of blue frame is 45 kg in central rail is set in the middle of the operation platform, and the upper rail, must be able to support 67. 5 kg force. When using federated eye network, enclosure, or panel, need to set up the upper rail. ( Federated eye network design and installation can satisfy the requirement of protection except) When using dense, enclosed or panel, you need to set up on the railing. ( In addition to the design and installation of dense can meet the protection requirements) 6. In aluminum alloy scaffolding set-up for the corridor and the space between the protective railings shall not exceed 24. 13 cm. No construction waste on the scaffolding, so as not to trip over the pedestrian. Aluminum alloy scaffolding 1 daily cleaning and maintenance. Periodically check all parts and repair and shall notify the manufacturer to repair or to buy damaged foot attachment structure, especially the welding joint of the serious damage rod; 2. All components of the building shall all be safekeeping, lost or missing parts should buy in time, in order to ensure structure attached full use; 3. Adjustable foot support line should be kept clean, and shall add lubricating oil, to maintain a smooth operation.
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