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How to prevent aluminum alloy scaffolding from

by:Shizhan     2020-05-22
In recent years, many building renovations have been carried out using aluminum alloy scaffolding. During work, how to prevent aluminum alloy scaffolding from falling down at high altitude, let us take a look. Aluminum scaffolding 1. Requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding: If aluminum scaffolding is about 3 meters above the ground, workers must be equipped with personal anti-fall devices. 2. When the aluminum scaffold is erected or removed, the full-time safety officer must decide when to use the fall protection device. 3. For most aluminum scaffolding, protective railings must be installed on all sides and both ends of the frame. For supporting scaffolding and other forms of scaffolding, it is sufficient to install protective railings or personal fall protection devices. But blue aluminum scaffolding, protective railings and personal fall protection devices are all required. And also use seat belts to prevent personal falls. 4. When the aluminum alloy scaffold platform is less than 35.56 cm, no guardrails are needed on the working side. The operating surface for plastering and slats should be 45.72 cm, so the outer extension of the steel beam and the facade of the building should not exceed 7.62 cm. 5. For supporting aluminum scaffolding, the distance between the upper rail and the operating platform is between 96.52 and 114.3 cm, and the upper railing must be able to withstand 200 pounds. (The load requirement for the blue frame of single-point or double-point slings is that the 45 kg intermediate rail is placed between the operating platform and the upper rail and must be able to withstand a force of 67.5 kg. Using dense mesh, the upper railing should be provided for the closure or panel. Network design and installation can meet the protection requirements) 6. On the aluminum scaffolding scaffold aisle, the gap between the scaffolding plate and the guardrail should not exceed 24.13 cm. Do not leave construction waste on the scaffolding to avoid tripping to pedestrians.
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