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How to use aluminum alloy truss structures, stage lighting truss - Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-30
Need to cooperate with the base as the building lighting, square, cross arm, square head, gourd and other accessories used in combination. The pillar stand up first, and then in the following the crossbeam assembly connection is good, finally, to lift the bar chain, hang up the above all kinds of lighting audio equipment. Aluminum alloy lighting frame structures stage booth steps: 1, the position of the first roughly on the ground, set the four base, adjust well below the leg, in a horizontal plane; 2, base on the four corners of the outside of the insert at the bottom of the inclined support section, each Angle 2 root, a total of eight root; 3, put the head screwed on the base, pay attention to the direction of rotation to the head is the same as noted in figure; 4, connect the beam on the ground; 5, set a good party set in the head; 6, the aluminum alloy truss on your connection is good, then put one end on the head and the other end of the screw on the cross arm, at the same time hang bottle gourd and cross arm link is good, the role of the hoist is used to enhance the beam tube truss below; 7, the ends of beams, respectively, and two sets of good docking link, on either side of the beam section at this time on the ground was assembled; 8, more than one person with the column tube truss stand up slowly, pay attention to do not force too big pushing columns to, and then fixed against the screw head; After 9, pillar erected, the hanging hoist hook through condole belt hook stay below the cross beam; 10, 4 people together slowly drag hanging hoist pull beam around a person's head position; 11, above the beam installed lighting audio equipment; 12, 4 people together drag hanging hoist to scheduled height to stop; 13, put one end of the inclined support and tighten the post, the other side and the base of horizontal support tighten, it set up completed gantry.
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