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How to use aluminum stage truss?

by:Shizhan     2020-03-31
Aluminum alloy stage trusses are often used for stage lighting and sound engineering, or for outdoor activities such as opening celebrations, weddings and other outdoor activities. In addition, where can stage trusses be used? The gantry made of stage truss can be used for the starting and finishing of some competitions, or the background frame of some large events, supplementing some lighting and sound engineering. A small stage truss can be made into a lecture stage. A stage truss plus a bottom plate and an acrylic panel can be used to make a stylish and beautiful small lecture stage suitable for some conference venues. The stage truss can also be made into an A-shaped lighting and sound hanger, which can be used to hang large sound. The shape of the stage truss can be used as a background frame for weddings and events. The above are some uses of stage truss, because the market demand allows these products to be continuously innovated.
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