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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
See if ground water, the base is loose, whether stud dangling; Step hand the whole draw verticality deviation and the settlement of poling whether agree with the standard requirements, especially pay attention to the scaffold, Mobile scaffold, gantry scaffolding) The corner and fracture in vertical degree; Whether the fastener bolt is loose; Footsteps hand is loose, cantilever, special interfaces and Angle position; With the structure of the connector, do you have any loose, mobile; Outsourcing safety net, cut off outside carry safety nets, safety equipment, the lateral baffle, rail is complete, the safety protection measures such as strong, can play a role of safety normal; Scaffold ( Mobile scaffold, gantry scaffolding) Opening, fracture and entrances should be key to see whether fit safety standard requirements; Check the scaffold ( Mobile scaffold, gantry scaffolding) Load situation, no more than its actual to make the design load, scaffolding, Mobile scaffold, gantry scaffolding) On construction materials should be along with it, the construction load shall not be greater than the construction organization design of bearing requirements; Scaffold ( Mobile scaffold, gantry scaffolding) During the period of using, it is forbidden to dismantle and uneven rod, and vertical and horizontal sweep rod and the wall. Above is the use of mobile scaffold method, hope some help to you! ! !
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