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by:Shizhan     2020-06-20
Stage of aluminum alloy truss under normal conditions of quality will affect the normal activities and activities of the final quality. In the actual construction of the aluminum alloy stage, the security of the truss determines the performers and the audience's life. It is important to choose a high quality aluminum stage, truss activity stage. In general, the quality of aluminum alloy truss stage identified needs from the following several aspects. First to see the appearance of the truss: aluminum alloy truss stage of size and shape of the weld, and the screw hole on a fixed requirements. First-class aluminum truss stage, exquisite workmanship, the specification is accurate. The size and shape of the welding head seems to be no difference. Therefore, from aluminum truss stage appearance identification is a straightforward way. Secondly, according to the packing requirements, reputable aluminum alloy truss stage will carry on some simple protective measures of product, to ensure product is not subject to wear in the process of transportation, and aluminum alloy truss stage is generally need to pay attention to during the transit. Stable appearance, will not result in violent collisions, but more safety of aluminum alloy truss stage appearance packaging is better. Third, look at the color of the product. This is because the material is galvanized aluminum truss stage, so the surface looks special light, stage and untreated aluminum alloy truss dim surface, may not meet. Expected stage effect, let consumer can check whether smooth coating of aluminum truss stage. Above is aluminum alloy truss quality identification of several aspects of the stage. Product certificate and quality system management of the company's business license also is one of the main appraisal stage of aluminum alloy truss quality skills. This is to ensure that whether we can enjoy a comprehensive after-sales service. From these angles, can ensure that the aluminum alloy truss stage is more durable and beautiful. Modern celebration or scene construction activity increased, also increased the demand for core material such as aluminum alloy frame. Ordinary aluminum frame has been supporting the people of all kinds of activities
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