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by:Shizhan     2020-06-26
Along with the development of professional stage, stage performance becomes more and more application for live performance activities, people also more and more high to the requirement of stage of safety and beautiful as one of the most important part of the stage bearing, bedplate is firm or not relates to the stage of security features, and live performance tend to meet wind and rain of the bad weather, so the hard to avoid can meet bedplate of rain, so we in the field of bedplate choice is especially important, consider the moistureproof function of its stock. Also at present, many manufacturers choose multilayer plywood and multi-layer plywood is divided into density board and moistureproof board, density board, also known as fiberboard. Man-made board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber and urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. According to its density can be divided into high density board, MDF and low density board. Density board because of its flexibility and impact resistance, do not apply to the stage. Moistureproof board is not equal to the waterproof board. Moistureproof board has also been compressed in case of water, I companies generally choose high-grade antiskid table miscellaneous 18 mm thick black board, is made of high quality plate after high temperature hot pressing. High strength, good toughness and strength is 4 - ordinary wood plywood 10 times. With super waterproof, anticorrosive, moth-proofing, anti-aging performance. With super waterproof, prevent slippery, anticorrosive, moth-proofing, anti-aging, and is not affected by damp. In the stage of normal use, try to stick to the stage when dry warehouse stored on the surface of the plate, with a mop the floor plate and frame pile up to stage. In wet or humid climate, you can put some desiccant inside in the warehouse.
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