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Indoor aluminum alloy truss structures, the stage, which should be pay attention to these matters Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-30
Aluminum alloy stage of truss is widely used in the construction of the temporary stage, but many people may encounter some problems in construction stage. In general, the height of the interior of aluminum alloy truss stage is decided by the ceiling height and area. Conventional 4 meters indoor height is not high, if the height of the stage and truss is too short, the effect of the stage lighting audio equipment not perfect embodiment. Except the special places, such as exhibition hall, large hotels, museums and other special construction. Area in determining an indoor arena of truss structures, height also has the vital role, in general the stage area and height to keep a certain proportion, the general aluminum alloy truss structures to 4 - stage The height of 8 meters high, do not add too much, if the height of the lighter of the truss rise too high, the high center of gravity of the whole system is also prone to accidents, this kind of situation can be indoor add some truss rod stable stage. Stage there are different types of design, when we are in building, need to pay attention to the characteristics of the truss, stage, in fact, no matter which type of stage need to pay attention to when building is very much. Both in considering the stability and beautiful sex, attention should be paid to installation techniques. Products are widely used in people's life, especially the truss products are widely used in various fields in people's lives, bring a lot of help to people's life. Each area used by truss products have similarities and differences. People choose the required truss products, comprehensive evaluation of product performance. Ensure that purchased products can meet the demand.
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