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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Beijing aluminum alloy frame work contact telephone: 18420150310 indoor decoration scaffolding, hang up 'every' interior decoration scaffolding scope of application: used for more than 3. 6 meters height ceiling painting and ceiling. General is in the boiler water wall surface of this seam welding and water pressure test to check in, to find a timing in burner tangential, just keep flame center in the following sections. Is not confined to the boiler water wall surface of this seam welding and hydrostatic test is used when inspection, bridge cast-in-place use morer, etc. Scaffold for indoor decoration: interior decoration scaffold mainly bearing, the reinforcement effect, such as the support beams of the large plate, steel structure, supported a large wall structure, hoisting in to bearing, etc. It is different from general scaffolding, such as masonry, decorate with scaffolding. Aluminum alloy frame work in Beijing
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