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Indoor decoration scaffolding installation pieces strict control indoor decoration pieces scaffolding decorated with construction scaffolding - Jiangsu Shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Check whether indoor decoration scaffolding installation meet safety requirements specification: 1, scaffold for indoor decoration and sweeping bar: the basis of interior decoration scaffolding foundation and basic need according to the interior decoration of the height of the scaffold erection, erection site geological conditions, meet the bearing capacity of scaffold for indoor decoration, to ensure the stability of the vertical bar at the bottom of the, make each stud uniform stress, set the vertical and horizontal directions at the bottom of the vertical rod rod sweeps the floor, sweep the floor rod bearing distance less than 200 mm; 2, poling: stud or block should be set at the bottom of the base, poling besides top can use lap top step, the rest of the each step of each joint requires docking fastener docking, vertical bar at the top of the home should be 1 m above the parapet epithelium, above 1 eaves epithelium. 5 meters, poling need to use a reliable connection and building the wall; 3, horizontal bar: longitudinal rod should be installed in the inside of the stud, should not be less than 3 across its length, longitudinal bar and docking fasteners should be staggered, should not be in sync with cross, horizontal stagger distance is greater than 500 mm; Longitudinal horizontal pole lap length not less than 1 m, should be equally spaced set three fixed rotating fastener, end fastener cover plate edge to lap the longitudinal rod rod end distance is not less than 100 mm. Lateral horizontal bar is decorated in the double row indoor scaffolding side against the wall to wall decoration should not be greater than the distance 100 mm; 4, scaffolding: operation layer scaffold board shall full shop, shop, metope is 120 mm to 150 mm; Scaffolding at both ends and round the corner, along the long direction between 15 to 20 meters, ramps and platform at both ends and the other in the sliding part should be fixed, the operational layer of the lateral block foot set size in 180 mm; , even the wall: 5 to 24 meters single scaffold for indoor decoration appropriate USES rigid wall piece and building reliable connection, also can use brace and cooperate to make 6, top bracing: highly under 24 m single and double row of indoor decorate a scaffold, to be at opposite ends of the outer facade each set a bracing, and continuous Settings should be from bottom to top, middle of the clear distance between bracing should not be greater than 15 m; In 24 meters high above the double row of indoor decoration scaffold shall be continuous on the lateral facade throughout the length and height setting bracing, each bracing width should not be less than 4 across, and not less than 6 m, diagonal Angle with the ground should be between the 45 degrees to 60 degrees.
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