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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Hangzhou aluminum alloy scaffolding which good contact phone number: 18420150310 new button scaffolding include support system manufacturers, button wheel scaffold inserted scaffold is now commonly used a scaffold, and because of its characteristics is clear and a lot of, as well as advantages and also has the characteristics of convenient installation, so in a very short period of time has been widely applied, and at the same time the consumer favorite. Below we have detailed said the buckle the characteristics and advantages of scaffold. Insert button scaffolding performance characteristics: 1. According to the national standard, every 600 mm insert button scaffolding stud welding a round buckle disc, various welding an insert on both ends of the bar, the diameter of the pipe was 48 mm, wall thickness is usually to 2. 75毫米,3。 0 and 3 mm. 2mm。 2. Button scaffolding without any special lock parts, has the strong ability of self-locking, without human connection lock, also greatly connection and disassembly faster than the traditional steel tube scaffold. 3. There were inserted button scaffolding activity components, in the construction site without having to worry about scaffolding parts are lost or damaged. 4. I company produces the insert button scaffold has passed the provincial product quality supervision, inspection, insert a button scaffolding overall maximum can take the weight of 14 tons. 5. Inserting buckles scaffold with co2 protection welding wire welding and become, that are painted with red lead powder anticorrosive paint, than the general factory production of scaffolding more solid, durable. Insert button scaffolding advantages: one, the bearing capacity is bigger. When scaffold geometry size and the structure meet the requirements of specification, convenient installation and erection of flexible. Due to the length of steel tube is easy to adjust, fastener connection is simple, and can adapt to all kinds of plane, elevation of buildings and structures in the scaffold. Three or more economic. Four, strong adaptability to build all kinds of scaffolding, templates, and other supporting frame; Erection of the ramp, barrack, stands and other temporary structures, used as auxiliary of other kinds of scaffolding, strengthening bar; Five, the insert button scaffolding also has economic and good comprehensive: spare parts without any activity, only consists of two class member, rod, bar, rod, bar all made in factories, one is the maximum to avoid the loss of the traditional scaffold activity parts easy, easy to damage to reduce the economic loss to construction unit, the problem of 2 it is without any active lock parts, wheel button scaffolding in use various nodes by state of tension and pressure distribution is reasonable, reasonable mechanical properties, ensure its good stiffness and the overall stability, maximum limit to prevent a traditional activity on scaffolding lock parts caused by unsafe hidden trouble. Six, plug button scaffold corrosion resistance is strong, the whole thing after passivation and galvanized dual anticorrosion treatment, greatly improve its corrosion resistance ability, long service life, far more than the service life of cast iron buckle. Insert button scaffolding in convenient installation convenient? Installation more convenient, more quickly, in use, only need to put the bar on both ends of the plug insert poling, corresponding to the taper hole are coming out again, its take down the quick and the quality of the lap joint is a traditional scaffold cannot. It take down speed is 8 - fastener steel pipe scaffold 10 times, is the bowl of a scaffold of more than 2 times. Hangzhou aluminum alloy scaffolding which is good
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