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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Product name: insulation fast loading scaffolding product material: high quality glass reinforced plastics pressure rating: 500 kv insulated fast loading scaffold is introduced: insulation fast overhaul frame is used at home and abroad the latest production technology, according to the general scaffold with the development of; Material selection on the combination of light weight, high strength glass fiber tube, no overall metal structure, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, ease of use, high degree of safety, insulation characteristic such as being strong of performance, is mainly suitable for below 500 kv substation maintenance work is special, and is the ideal substitute of insulating lift platform. General insulation scaffold ( Platform) Main body by the ladder lateral connection rod and the suspension connection rod, as well as the support bar plus insulation flat pallet combination in the scaffold, Platform) Quick build, tear open outfit simple, without any installation tools, super easy to use with high mechanical strength good performance of insulation. Applicable to a variety of electric construction sites and work charged car makes up for the insulation bucket arm cannot approach the construction. Insulation fast loading the main characteristic of mobile scaffold: 1 insulation fast loading scaffolding structure USES the combination of modular design, to build simple and easy to remove; 2. Standard parts, do not need to use any tools, unarmed can tear open outfit, simple and convenient, 3. Combination of diversity, can adapt to any site environment, can be customized according to customer's requirements; 4. Material USES lightweight high strength glass fiber tube, good maintainability; 5. The product conforms to GB17620 - 1998 'live working with insulation gangway general technical conditions' and through the national authoritative department] Detection. Insulation scaffold for workplace: 1. Applicable to the easy generation explosion, burning, leakage, corrosion environment. 2. Suitable for 35 kv, 60 kv, 110 kv, 220 kv high-voltage electrical system repair in 3. Applied to construction restricted, cannot use double wide scaffold area 4. Applicable to the easy generation explosion, combustion, leakage and corrosion work environment. Suitable for 35 kv, 60 kv, 110 kv, 220 kv high-voltage electrical system repair.
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