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Interpretation of the influence of stage truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-27
??The influence of the secondary bending moment of the stage frame on the rod is very large, so a few points for each stage truss will have a great impact on the stage effect, then, for the stage bending moment of the truss on the rod What is the impact? Below, the editor of the aluminum alloy stage will give you a brief explanation! Hope to help you. 1. In the description of the usual steel truss, if we use the more commonly used articulation plan to describe, then the axial force of the rod can be multiplied by the secondary bending moment influence coefficient K, so that the influence of the secondary bending moment can be considered , And then calculate the bearing capacity according to the axial load-bearing member. 2. Often in steel truss, the influence of secondary bending moment on the stress of the member can not be ignored, so usually the nodes of the steel truss need to be taken as rigid nodes for calculation when drawing. In the depiction of the usual steel truss, the joints are usually taken as hinged joints, but in fact, the nodes of the truss members are welded together by joint plates as rigid joints. In general, the webs of steel truss need to take the calculated length as the length of the axis between the nodes in addition to the supporting vertical bar and the supporting diagonal bar. For the other webs, the calculated length needs to be multiplied by a reduction factor of 0.8. Consider the binding effect, and usually do not think about the secondary stress that usually occurs because of the bending moment of the node. This method is relatively concise when the calculation method is mainly manual calculation, but today the computer has become a commonly used description, and it has provided conditions for accurate layout analysis. ???All in all, each part of the stage truss is very important. We need to pay special attention to the damage to each part when removing it after use. To avoid unnecessary damage.
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