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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Abstract: this article embarks from the actual of scaffolding accident causes were analyzed, this paper expounds the scaffolding safety control points in the process of construction, provides reference in order to ensure construction safety. Keywords: basic measures to prevent the scaffold safety accident in recent years, with the rapid development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the construction project with unprecedented scale and speed of development. Past high-level, high-rise buildings, the safety of the scaffold outside the building to use higher requirements are put forward. Scaffold in the build-up, operation risk factors in the construction and use of more, part of the construction site of fastener type steel pipe scaffold erection of reach standardization, standardization, rationalization and scientific safety protection, the frame body collapse, tilting, accident & lt; http://ppjsj. ebdoor。 com/> Happen from time to tome. Therefore, in this paper, a scientific analysis is made of casualty accidents in construction scaffolding, find the cause of the accident and the countermeasures is very necessary. Cause analysis: 1. The human factor: in the process of construction, management personnel at all levels of illegal command is one of the causes of the accident. In addition, the guardian's dereliction of duty, the operator of illegal operation, can cause a lot of accidents. Especially the scaffolder engaged in scaffolding and dismantled scaffold, wear a seat belt, not according to stipulations of the resulting high fall accident happen. In addition, some poor operation personnel safety consciousness, or we may meet in the event of risk estimation, existing in the construction site safety protection such issue could not be found in time, can also lead to accidents. 2. Content: scaffolding, they do not conform to the requirements of the specification. In the part of the construction site, the scaffolding is not standard phenomenon is common, one is scaffolding first layer and operational layer protective imprecise; 2 it is federated eye network, horizontal pocket unstable system, the net not according to stipulations set with blanket net layer and interlayer network; Three is the scaffolding set is not standard; Four is cantilever rack set is not standard, which could lead to the occurrence of casualty accidents. In addition, some scaffold and fasteners use inferior materials, stiffness can not meet the requirements, not necessary testing before use, will cause heavy casualties accidents. 3. Safety management factor: the scheme of the scaffold erection and removal of not comprehensive, no specific safety technical disclosure. Found in the on-site inspection projects department attaches great importance to the construction site, ignore the phenomenon is common of safety management information. If you don't prepare the construction plan, or in combination with the practical situation of the construction site, not copy the standard, specification, inspection, safety technical clarificaiton, remains in 'into the construction site must wear safety helmet' level, the lack of pertinence; With personal experience in the process of engineering construction operation, will inevitably due to accidents and violation of operating procedures, technical specifications and other issues, causing heavy casualties accident. Safety management is another problem, the security check does not reach the designated position, failed to timely found potential accidents. In the set-up and dismantling of scaffolding and work on scaffolds during the casualty accidents, mostly problems such as violation of technical standards and operational procedures, but the project manager of the construction site, foreman, full-time security officer not in regular safety inspection in accordance with requirements or because the check work seriously, carefully waiting for a reason, failed to timely found the problem, or found the problem after the failed to timely rectification and correction, eventually lead to a number of major production accidents. Second, the prevention countermeasure ( A) Strictly implement safety operation procedures of the scaffold erection and removal of 1. Scaffolding operation layer protection requirement scaffolding to spread and fixed, put an end to the springboard phenomenon exists. Close between plates, leave the metope of 120 ~ 150 mm; When the gap between operation layer scaffold board and building is more than 150 mm, the protective measures should be taken. Scaffold board should not be greater than 30 kg in weight. From the top job layer of the appropriate scaffold board down every 12 m spread a layer of scaffolding. 2. Even the wall set requirements of even the wall parts according to two step across three and three three across Settings, each control area is not more than 40 m2, even the wall when the scaffolding, height of more than 50 m, each a control area should not be greater than the wall 27 m2. Even the wall of a vertical distance control is more important than the horizontal distance. Experiments show that the wall a control area with the same two scaffolding, according to two step three across a set of wall piece, than according to the three steps across two set even wall a scaffolding carrying capacity increased by 7%. The position should be close to (of the wall No more than 30 cm) Master node set, because only in the node force near the best effect, can effectively prevent the scaffold transverse bending instability. The most unfavorable position is set in the middle of the stud step, the set of almost no lateral restraint. Even the wall piece set must start from the first step in the bottom longitudinal bar set, the first step for stud, the greatest of axial force, here to set up the wall, also is equal to add a bearing, this is from structure in one of the important measures to guarantee the local stability of scaffold poling. In one word, the ends of the open mouth of scaffolding must also be set even wall, in order to improve the overall stability of the scaffold. Attention should be paid to the wall should be horizontally set, when not level set, can make the scaffolding side is low, the building side is higher, but no buildings below scaffolds are connected at one end.
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