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by:Shizhan     2020-06-21
Colorful stage is the dream of many people, is a magical place, changeable, stunning, fascinating. But in fact, aluminum alloy truss manufacturing and installation of stage is actually very simple, need only: space, lighting, sound, site layout and the most important platform, and platform, is the simple stage of aluminum alloy truss. Most of the time, the shape of the stage is fixed, but we can also follow the collocation, such as T, circular or deformed, personality, is good, and the foundation, is also a stage of aluminum alloy truss, with it, shape matching stage, follow one's inclinations. Stage because of the aluminum alloy truss style more, more complete, the different style of truss is used in a different position, added a lot of good to people's life. Truss welding aluminum alloy stage considering the site location in the process of building the actual condition of windy and rainy, are generally adopt manual welding, the welding using symmetry of dual welder welding, welding from the middle to the end, when welding the welding bottom chord of the butt weld first, in order to guarantee the truss arch degree of positive, after welding of upper chord butt weld, then welding bottom chord CHS. Finally on the welding between the bottom chord of CHS, aluminum alloy truss stage stage must pay attention to at any time in the process of welding aluminum alloy truss deflection and lateral deformation, should be measured at any time, otherwise shall adjust the welding sequence. Welding multilayer multipass welding with manual welding, and reduce the heat intake, when welding the ends from the central stage of aluminum alloy truss welding, prevent the welding deformation is too large when stress caused by the segmented apart.
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