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Introduction to theScaffolding 】The architecture of the characteristics

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Scaffolding is actually refers to the construction site for construction workers, and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support, so it has what architecture? Let below small make up to explain. The scaffold is in the process of engineering construction, stacking materials and workers to operate the temporary facilities. Basic requirements for scaffolding is: its width should meet the requirements of workers, material storage and transport operation, strong stability, easy installation, and turnover of many times. Different scaffolding series has its own structure characteristics, performance and application limitations. Different construction projects on the installation of scaffolding requirements have their commonalities and differences. Therefore, in solving the problem of construction scaffolding Settings, need to meet the needs of the construction and ensure the requirement of safety, comprehensive consideration of various conditions and factors, to solve practical problems; Scaffold frame by frame structure, the overall stability and resistance to lateral force member, even the wall and unloading equipment, facilities and other security protection facilities operation layer such as five parts.                                

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