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Investigate what kind of supervision work the

by:Shizhan     2020-05-27
??What is the supervision of scaffolding installation? First, you need to check whether the scaffold installation construction meets the safety requirements. What are the specific related contents? Next, let's follow the editor to understand! Double wide straight climbing scaffold 1. For the scaffold foundation and sweeping bar: the foundation and foundation of the scaffold must be based on the height of the scaffold and the geological conditions of the site to meet the scaffold's bearing capacity, so as to ensure the stability of the bottom pole, and then let The uprights are evenly stressed, especially the sweeping rods in both directions are provided at the lower part of the uprights, and the distance of the sweeping rods from the support does not exceed 200 mm; 2. Pole: On the bottom of the upright, you need to set up a base or a block. Especially for the upright, except for the top step of the top layer, you can use lap joints. For the remaining joints, you need to use butt fasteners. The top is suitable for 1 meter higher than the skin on the daughter wall and 1.5 meters higher than the cornice epithelial. The pole must be connected to the building with a wall piece; 3. Horizontal bar: The vertical horizontal bar is suitable for being placed inside the vertical bar, and the length of the horizontal bar is not suitable for less than 3 spans. When the horizontal horizontal bar is docked, the fasteners need to be staggered. It is best not to set them in the same synchronous span , The staggered distance in the horizontal direction is greater than 500mm; the length of the longitudinal horizontal rod overlap is not less than 1 meter, and three rotating fasteners are required to be fixed at equal distances, and the periphery of the top fastener cover plate is overlapped with the longitudinal horizontal rod The distance between the ends is greater than 100 mm. The distance of the horizontal horizontal rod at the wall end of the double-row scaffolding to the decorative surface of the wall is less than 100 mm; 4. Scaffolding: The working floor scaffolding should be fully covered and stable, 120mm to 150mm away from the wall; the scaffolding at the ends and corners, 15 to 20 meters apart in the long direction, ramps and both ends of the platform and other The parts that can slide should be fixed, and the foot plate with a size of 180mm should be installed outside the operation layer; 5. Wall-connecting parts: For single-row scaffolding under 24 meters, it is more suitable for reliable connection of rigid wall-connecting parts to buildings. Of course, someone can arbitrarily adopt the wall-attachment method in which tie bars and roofs are used together. It is forbidden to use flexible connecting wall parts with only tie bars. For double-row scaffolding over 24 meters, rigid wall parts must be used to connect the building reliably. 6. Scissors support: For single and double-row scaffolds with a height of less than 24 m, a pair of scissors supports must be provided on both sides of the outer facade, and they need to be continuously arranged from the bottom to the top, especially between the middle scissors supports The clear distance needs to be less than 15 meters; and when the height is more than 24 meters on the double-row scaffolding, it is necessary to continuously set the scissor support on the entire length and height of the outer facade, and the width of each scissor support is greater than 4 spans and greater than 6 Meters, the inclination angle of the inclined rod and the ground should be between 45 degrees and 60 degrees, and the number of each scissors support spanning the vertical rod should be:
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