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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Steel pipe scaffold refers to the construction site for workers and solve vertical transportation operation and horizontal transportation and installation of all kinds of support. General term refers to the construction site of the construction industry in exterior walls, interior decoration, or high floor height can't direct the construction. Mainly for the construction personnel assignments or external maintenance and high altitude installation components, said bluntly, scaffold materials usually have: bamboo, wood, steel or composite materials. Some projects have also been used as a scaffold templates, also widely used in advertising, municipal, transportation, roads, Bridges, mines and other departments. Several methods to teach you scaffolding steel pipe to find good quality and cheap scaffolding scaffolding manufacturers to see the company's operating time, long-term operation of scaffolding steel pipe, the quality is guaranteed. The factory's quality is poor, often change the name of the company, but the quality is not guaranteed, once appear, fault, can appear cracks, or an accident, they will change the name. Look from the scale of production, personnel is fixed, large scaffolding tube mill equipment maintenance, quality guaranteed. Price: the scaffolding steel pipe production equipment and production technology is relatively simple, depends on whether the thickness of the steel is enough. With the emergence of a large number of modern large-scale building system in our country, the fastener type steel pipe scaffold has already cannot satisfy the needs of the development of construction, an urgent need to develop and popularize the scaffolding. Practice has proved that the new scaffold construction is not only safe and reliable, fast installation disassembly, and the scaffolding steel dosage can be reduced by 33%, the installation removal efficiency can be increased by more than two times, can obviously reduce the construction cost, can be civilized construction site clean and tidy. 。 Related: wheel buckled type steel pipe scaffold is a new type steel pipe scaffold has self-locking function, JGJ - issued by the reference of housing and urban-rural development Standard production. 。 Main components for vertical rod and bar, plate joint structure is reasonable, poling axial force transfer is reasonable, the scaffolding overall in the three dimensional space structure with high strength and the overall stability, has reliable self-locking function, improve the strength of the overall stability of the scaffold, and security. 。 Can better meet the needs of the construction safety. 。 Are quick in assembly, energy saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, strong commonality, large carrying capacity, safety and efficiency, not easily lost, easy management, transportation, etc. 。 Construction points are as follows: 1. At the beginning of the construction of supporting system should be special construction plan design, the main packaging unit layout lines, the horizontal and vertical support system, to ensure the support and the connecting rod in later set scissors, ensure the overall stability and resistance to capsizing. 2. Wheel button scaffolding installation base need to consolidate level off, the reinforced concrete measures. 3. Round buckle scaffold should use standard height of the same beam slab floor elevation range, in the use of high across a large single rod support framework, cope with the rail and the vertical load and axial pressure ( Critical force) Check to ensure the stability and security of the frame body. 4. Frame body is installed, should increase the bracing enough, and in the framework of the distance between the bracket and rail mm add enough horizontal tie, to ensure the overall stability of the framework in a reliable way. 5. At present our country has not yet promulgated by the ministry of construction of the wheel button scaffolding industry standards and norms, but has been widely used in the construction site. Of course, we hope that relevant departments to formulate the corresponding specification, to make the correct use of the wheel button scaffolding in engineering have reliable basis.
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