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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Many friend will ask aluminum alloy scaffolding safety? Dr Ladder, small make up tell you must be safe, but the premise is you need to use it properly and safely, so as to ensure your safety, please use with small make up take a look at the following relating to it. Safe use of aluminum alloy scaffolding is it safe to aluminum alloy scaffolding, 16 a, carefully check before building, do not use defective aluminum alloy scaffolding, especially deformation, can't use aluminum alloy scaffolding. 2, when using aluminum alloy scaffolding must ensure that the foundation level off, ensure the foundation can tolerate the stresses of scaffolding, uneven foundation should be adjusted when aluminum alloy scaffolding caster wheel, which makes the whole tower is in a state level. Three, aluminum alloy scaffolding quality is lighter, watch the exposed to the wind, wind, or intermediate breeze under the conditions of use. Four, is it safe to aluminum alloy scaffolding workers build and high altitude work must wear a seat belt, work area around please install safety net, prevent weight drops, injuring others. Five, when used independently, tower height is too high, must be installed and set up by the regulation inclined support or attached to the frame. Six, use process pay attention to safety, it is strictly prohibited in the tower roughhousing, prevent accidents. Seven, when using the demolition of aluminum alloy scaffolding, should be thoroughly checked before dismantling. Disassembly should be from the top down according to the operating sequence. Eight, use remove after finishing components, accessories classified storage, convenient use next time. Nine, the scaffold should be placed on solid smooth ground, ban on no skid and fixed equipment of ice, snow or slippery terrain. Ten, ban when working more than indicate the bearing quality, aluminum alloy scaffolding in flat pallet location has labelled bearing, please pay attention to look at it. Is it safe to aluminum alloy scaffolding twelve, aluminum alloy scaffolding is conductive, avoid close to charged. 13, climbing, people should want to crawl inside the aluminum alloy scaffolding, it is forbidden to crawl over the outside of the aluminum alloy scaffolding, prevent heel of aluminum alloy scaffolding. 14, scaffolding generally about the height of 1 meter as a barrier, not stand in the top job, should be under the condition of barrier protection. 15, regularly clean the ladder, avoid certain chemicals corrosion surface of the ladder. Regularly check the connection parts, if necessary, filling lubricating oil. Bent 16, if the ladder materials, broken or fittings can not work normally, be sure to contact the manufacturers, professional maintenance. Above is for aluminum alloy scaffolding safety, the safe use of aluminum alloy scaffolding of 16 items related to share, we can see that as long as the proper use of it is very safe, if want to know more friends welcome attention ladder Dr Yo.
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