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Is ok to take a look at subway scaffolding safety matters in pieces pieces pieces scaffold construction scaffolding jiangsu construction scaffolding - Jiangsu Shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Something all right to take a look at the subway scaffolding safety operation procedures, to physical and mental health. ( 1) Jack allows larger load shall not exceed 1176 / per square meter, are strictly prohibited to pile up on scaffolding materials, personnel shall not stay focused. ( 2) Jack up and down two step scaffolding, need to be covered, paving, fixed firmly. When not in ceiling next to hung level architecture. Two steps should be set up and down two insulation column, vertical hanging close eye, lateral horizontal pole spacing to 0. 5 - It is advisable to 1 m. ( 3) Jack ascension or land, you should use tower crane hoisting machinery, such as need using lifting on the card, it is forbidden to anyone standing on the shelf with lifting shelf. ( 4) Socket frame shall not exceed two studio buildings, shall not exceed 8 meters long, width must be less than 1 meter. Steel pipe assembly pin frame, the vertical pole spacing shall not be greater than 2 meters, large and small surface shall be inclined support; Welding socket frame, finalize the design frame of poling, the stud spacing shall not be greater than 2. 5 meters, bedding face to set bracing. Wuxi macro state: tool scaffold safety operation procedures. The subway scaffolding safety practices (BSPS) understand? Ok have a look at our website, is good for you.
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