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Is the truss hinged at the node or just connected?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-26
??The truss structure is a triangular-like geometrically stable structural frame, which is mainly composed of linear members that bear axial tension or axial pressure, so the linear force on the transmission rod of the node can be carried out It bears the shear force, but does not transmit the bending moment. Therefore, it can be hinged and rigidly connected between linear rods. But some people will ask, is this node to be hinged or just connected? Next, let's talk with aluminum alloy truss manufacturers! For a truss structure, when it is subjected to an external load, it must be placed at the node, so that the load will be borne by the entire member using pure compression or pure tension, and also at the node It is necessary to transfer the linear force of the bar to bear the shear force, but it does not transmit this bending moment. Therefore, in this case, it is determined for the middle, so there is no difference in the force, and there is no need to strengthen the node. Truss structures usually cannot apply loads to linear members. Because when the load is applied to the members, if the joints are hinged, then only the loaded members are subjected to bending moments in the form of simply supported beams, and the other members do not participate in the load, so the bent members Must be strengthened. However, if the nodes are just connected, then each member will be subjected to overall bending in the form of a rigid frame, not only on the member itself, but also on each other node, it also needs to bear a large bending moment and needs to be strengthened.
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