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It is said that climb the net will take the place of traditional scaffolding? Is it true? - Scaffolding rod and bar spacing Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Scaffolding vertical rod and bar spacing contact phone number: 18420150310 climbing frame network will replace the traditional scaffold is said to have? Is it true? Climb the net to replace the traditional scaffold view is personal identification. After a lot of experimental results confirmed that the climbing frame network does exist a lot of advantages and characteristic. Let's say why will be replaced from several aspects. First attached type climb the net adopts advanced microcomputer technology, wireless remote control technology, has realized the mechanization of the process of lifting to run automatically, effectively reduce the labor intensity of the workers, also greatly shorten the construction period; Followed by the attached type a climbing frame net to a low installation molding, engineering construction after the demolition, construction process does not need to dismantle or move. Minus the operator set-up and maintenance of the frame body high operation risk and the intensity of labor, and improve the work efficiency, and is advantageous to the safe operation; The last is. Save work time and enhance the efficiency of the construction site on fast installation, layered hoisting in place, safe and fast, saving time, effort, artificial, economic benefit is remarkable. The same building type, use prefabricated climbing frame compared with double row of the ground plane, also save construction enterprise pipe 70%, save Labour 60%; And protection architecture without steel tube and fasteners, all adopt steel frame assembled with wire mesh protection. Interior wall protection use smoke ceiling bar type, put an end to the protection, eliminating the traditional architecture to repeat to maintain employment and trival, both to ensure the safe and improves the work efficiency, also can use, reduce the cost. But there are more advantages, we differ a list, with only the above several views, we can say climbing frame network will replace traditional the scaffold! For more climbing scaffold mesh advantage we will update late, do pay attention! Scaffolding rod and bar spacing
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