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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1. Mobile scaffold bracing main purpose is to prevent the scaffold of longitudinal deformation, so as to improve the overall stiffness of scaffold. 2. Hand the connection between the frame and unloading platform, separate design discharge platform, easier to manage. 3. Steel tube can be installed on the mobile scaffolding, have serious corrosion, flat, curved ladder scaffold and crack phenomenon. 4. In the mobile scaffolding cracks, are not allowed to use fasteners deformation, shrinkage, also do not allow the slip line. 5. Unloading platform mainly in hoisting logo card limit door scaffolding load when prompted. Any mobile scaffold height should not exceed 45 meters. 6. Hybrid is not allowed in steel, iron, mobile scaffolding, because mobile scaffolding as support, general requirements is the overall strength and not be moved, deformation, stability, if mix, there is no joint are to be Shared, can guarantee the stability. 7. When building mobile scaffolding, should wear helmets, seat belts and antiskid shoes. 8. Mobile scaffolding, make sure not to remove the following components, to ensure safety, including the longitudinal rod, vertical and horizontal cleaning rod, the wall of the main node fragments. The choice of scaffolding relates to safety, don't be careless. In the choice of the scaffold, several principles should be paid attention to: 1. See the appearance of the scaffold mainly depends on the glaze color, bright and clean degree, surface gloss, after burn, the consistency of the brand trademark, etc. 2. Crack glaze scaffolding glaze craze is a kind of common phenomenon. Demulsification of glaze scaffolding fall out after freezes in winter, so as to lose its luster and waterproof performance. Check method is to see if there are as thin as silk scaffold surface cracks. The rain or water soaked, stick on the dust is more obvious. 3. Water imbibition scaffolding bibulous rate is lower, bibulous rate is higher. High water absorption of frost resistance is poor. Testing method is the weight of the scaffold for dry and wet scaffold differences, with moisture. 4. Metal forging sintering degree is higher, the bigger the support strength. Method is to listen to the tapping, and clear metallic sound, scaffolding, the better.
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