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by:Shizhan     2020-06-23
Theatrical performances will be able to bring people happiness and beautiful things to appreciate, stage performance is still very popular. So we'll see a lot of public places are held in different types and specifications of the theatrical performances to attract the audience. When to set the stage to must want to use the key tool is truss, stage, truss is the basic structure, stage to play on stage on the truss all sorts of imaginative creation, make the stage is very beautiful. First of all, the most important are the raw material of truss. There is no good material, it is impossible to build solid truss. Flatness is a canvas, don't have too much wrinkle, because it not only affect the appearance, will give a bad impression for the company; Secondly, image Mosaic, here not have strict requirements to improve, but don't have too big flaws, especially the integrity of images must be done well. 3 it is safety, because of improper truss construction, countless tragedies happened. Therefore, the truss in construction must ensure that its reliability. Finally, the construction in advance, because the painting will be a pungent odor, in order to avoid the guest cause bad environment, so be sure to construction in advance. How to guarantee the safety of stage frame? 1. Choose material more excellent truss, are now very popular metal truss, because of his quality is light and has very good strength, at the same time, he's surface is smooth, it will not bring harm to people. 2. In the process of construction, must watch the segment joint is connected well. In general, these parts need special processing and protection. If you paint the outside of the truss, it will be more resistant to corrosion, especially if it is skimmed. 3. During construction phase truss, should consider to build the structure of the shape. The safest trapezoidal shape. Trapezoidal two parallel edges as contact plane parallel to the ground, so it will be very strong. In addition, the different point of view of the audience can have a good line of sight to watch the performance on the stage. Form of space will have a very good depth, the picture will have more stereo feeling.
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