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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Jack scaffold ( Jack for short) : is divided into a, b, c three, a (socket rack is suitable for the cladding on the window of the construction; Suitable without cladding parts b socket frame construction; Port (c Also called hang scaffolding) Applicable to no window construction site. Jack plane safety operation main points: 1. Jack plane load maximum allowable shall not exceed 1176 n/m2, are strictly prohibited to pile up on scaffolding materials, personnel shall not stay focused. 2. Jack ascension or land, you should use tower crane hoisting machinery, such as ring must be used to lifting, it is forbidden to anyone standing on the shelf with lifting shelf. 3. Socket frame shall not exceed two studio buildings, shall not exceed 8 m, width is not more than 1 m. Steel pipe socket frame assembly, the stud spacing shall not be greater than 2 m, large and small surface shall be inclined support; Welding socket frame, finalize the design frame of poling, the stud spacing shall not be greater than 2. 5 m, bedding face to set bracing. 4. Socket rack up and down two step scaffolding, which must be covered, paving, fixed firmly. When not in ceiling next to hung level safety net. Two steps should be set up and down two insulation column, vertical hanging close eye safety net, lateral horizontal pole spacing to 0. It is advisable to 5 ~ 1 m. 5. Jack receive high net frame of the lateral, its height should be higher than construction work layer 1 m, to set a bracing, and dense mesh net from top to bottom seal, safety net waste to shut down. The adjacent pins should be in the same plane, outlet should be closed tightly. 6. A (pin rack don't bar should be greater than 10 cm & times; 10 cm high quality wood square. Don't poles to don't in the window, up and down each side length is 200 mm long out of the window. Don't screw up and down in the post and rail joint application of double fasteners; Port (c Hanging shelf) Wall bolt end thread trapezoidal thread should be adopted, with double nut lock. 7. Jack an installation operating sequence: a (socket frame should be & quot; After don't pick & quot; ,“; Hang up after dismantling & quot; ( That is, when installation should be don't good don't bar, after picking to snap ring; When removed, should first hang up card ring, then don't pull down bar) 。 Jack c frame when installation should lock nut first, after picking to snap ring; When removed, should hang up first ring, after tear down nut. 8. Is made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure, its strength should achieve 70% above, to install socket. 9. Socket installation must be checked after acceptance, qualified to sign and to use them.
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