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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Construction unit in suzhou construction company project name clarificaiton (5 Parts) Jack scaffold safety technical disclosure date of disclosure disclosure content ( Safety measures and matters needing attention) General provisions, 1) Building up homework ( Scaffolder) , must by the professional security technology training, exam, a special operation operation card mount guard. The apprentice must learn to handle the scaffolder, led by the mechanic, under the guidance of operation, a scaffolder alone would not be allowed to work without permission. ( 2) Scaffolder must pass a medical examination, who have high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, dizzy gao or vision is not enough and not suitable for aerial work, shall not engage in high erection work. ( 3) Proper use of personal protective equipment, must dress spirit ( Tight tight sleeve) (on high, More than 2 m) Homework, must wear your seat belt, hanging bar in mind, with has a good wear non-slip shoes. Homework to concentration, solidarity, mutual echo, unified command, not & other; Through the file & throughout; And jumping shelves, and it is forbidden to play, drink and go to work. ( 4) Team ( Team) After accept the task, must organize personnel, carefully grasp the scaffold, special safety construction organization design and safety technical measures clarificaiton, discussion the erection method. Clear division of labor, and send one good technology, experienced personnel responsible for the erection of technical guidance and supervision. ( 5) Wind in written ( 6) Strong winds and high temperatures, heavy rain, snow, fog, bad weather should stop high open-air homework. Check after wind, rain, snow, found that the tilt down button, string, collapse to timely repair, qualified rear can use. ( 6) Scaffolding set-up, want to combine the progress of the erection of scaffolding of unfinished, when to leave work post, there shall not be not fixed component and unsafe hidden danger, ensure stable shelf. Material requirements ( 1) Steel pipe: steel pipe with 48 ~ 51 mm outside diameter, wall thickness 3 ~ 3. The 5 mm tube. Steel pipe should be flat and smooth, no cracks, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend, burr, indentation, and deep way. Steel pipe shall have the product quality certification, steel pipe must be coated with anti-rust paint and punch is forbidden. The size of the scaffolding steel pipe should be used according to the following table. The maximum weight of each steel pipe should be not greater than 25 ㎏. Scaffolding steel pipe size ( mm) Wall thickness transverse sectional dimension maximum length diameter horizontal rod other rod 485 l3. 5322006500 ( 2) Fasteners fasteners: the forging cast iron can be produced, the material should be consistent with existing national standard steel tube scaffold fasteners ( GB l5831— 1995). The provisions of the. New fasteners must have a product certificate. Old fastener quality inspection should be done before use, have cracks, deformation, is strictly prohibited and is slippery silk bolts must be replaced. ( 3) Scaffolding, scaffolding can adopt two kinds of steel, wood materials, each weight should not be greater than 30 ㎏. Stamping new steel scaffolding, must have a product quality certification. Board length is 1. 5 to 3. 6 m, 2 ~ 3 mm thick, rib 5 cm high, 23 ~ 25 cm wide, its surface rust spots is not more than 5 mm in diameter, and not more than 3 along the transverse direction. Scaffolding should be pressure connection at one end bayonet to laying resistance to buckle, the end of another piece of board face should be washed with non-slip round holes. Clarificaiton people accept clarificaiton team leader to accept disclosure
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