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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen east xiao scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine hydropower qing contractor price? Package is also called the contractor or bao qing qing qing, is refers to the owner to purchase all material, find a decoration company or decorate a team to the construction of a project contract. Hydropower bao qing work so what about the price? Below small make up to introduce for everybody! First, clear the contractor provided decoration services, raw materials used in the decoration engineering cost not as turnover. Qing construction contractor price template: 19 - 23 yuan/square meter ( Glue grey surface) ; Concrete: 38 - 41 yuan/set; Reinforcement: 310 - 10-420 yuan/ton, or 13 yuan/m2; Masonry: 55 - 70 RMB/set; Plaster: 7 - 15 yuan/square meter ( Don't deduct the door hole, not including scaffolding take down) ; Brick paste/m2; Interior floor tile, 600 * 600) 15 yuan/square meters; Play crural line: 3 yuan/meters; Indoor wall brick: 25 yuan/square meter ( Including chamfering) ; Stair stone: 28 yuan/square meters; Step plate edge grinding: 10 yuan/meters. Second, the contractor to calculate by square, depends on the specific project: ordinary small high-level, high-rise, commercial office buildings, or a factory. The water and electricity installation of quantities of different project is not the same. In fact also is quota is calculated out according to the workload. Multi-storey residential installation cost cost 73. 47 yuan/square meters: 1. Electrical engineering 39. 2 95 yuan/square meters. Intelligence engineering 15. 3 87 yuan/square meters. Water supply and drainage engineering in the 21st. 6 yuan/square meters. Third, hydropower project is the key of renovation, and the material must be professional, clear package hydropower labor is about 35 yuan per meter, if combined with material, the price is in 70 yuan to 85 yuan per meter, because the area is different price difference is bigger, the price of water and electricity transformation 80 square meters will be 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan, if 120 - square - metre is 8000 yuan to 9000 yuan, the hydropower project cost will account for 18% to 20% of the total cost. Hydropower qing contractor price? In this article, to introduce the small make up have already done, hope to be able to when you choose to give you help. Looking for water and electricity can clear the contractor by the owner to gain the initiative in the biggest, of all things in their supervision and control, easy to be at ease. Shenzhen east xiao scaffold
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