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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen east xiao scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 Lin was quoted for ladder, folding ladder, fan more stairs a downy, fan stair is mainly suitable for villa, villa because not only layer is much and stair also big. But the fan the stairs to the construction requirements, materials and installation are very strict requirements, so the fan stair is what kind of? What are the main points the fan the design of stair? With these two questions below we learn about the together! Fan stair is how: first set circle on curved wall, use phi 50 steel pipe locating in the center of the circle and vertical rise; Then build-up well and arc wall inside and outside the steel pipe scaffold into arc wall fixing plate reinforcement; Colligation and then USES the lap welding steel joint fixation; Arc window installation template and flat-fell seam arc wall mould dense; Finally is the floor under the arc wall mold positioning installation and steel pipe installation fixed outer arc. What quadrant staircase design key points are: 1, stair sector the most important thing is to need scientific and accurate design scheme and the accurate size, if size, once appear mistake, can lead to the entire sector stair parts together. 2, although the fan stair has subtle structure modelling, but its processing difficulty is very big, and construction technology is complex. Need to have high difficulty of processing requirements, in making is a certain choice has rich fan production experience of the enterprise to undertake stairs. 3, professional installation team: we talk about fan in front of the stairs process trival, complex shape, regardless of the basic framework is made by using concrete or steel to be precise, also to do the natural wood veneered curve radian, not a sudden change. So when install the fan stair also need to find experienced professionals for installation. Conclusion: the above is to introduce the practice and fan fan stairs stairs three design key points of the related content, hope to have a friend needs help, later if you also need to learn more knowledge, focus on Dr Ladder network. Shenzhen east xiao scaffold
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