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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen aluminum alloy scaffolding factory tell you general construction site need what building floor police belt forging layer of color is pure and beautiful. Scaffolding manufacturer of aluminum alloy material is a kind of process color, generally is relatively pure, and inferior petticoat color is composed of dark gray, black from a * process. Thickness, weight, the edge of the thick line is used, the information is certain. And building floor police used together, also need to pay attention to the police is a good PVC leather, some outside is paper! If appearance is to draw, should pay attention to the appearance of the police and the paint is exquisite. Shenzhen scaffolding will generally fall into two categories, aluminum alloy scaffolding steel and aluminum alloy material is more popular now, therefore, in a larger risk factors related to the production and operation places or facilities will use aluminum alloy scaffolding on the device, building floor isolation reinforcement fabric and bamboo series plate should be adopted. Every step building skirting board frame in vitro stud the skirting board of the medial hang 180 mm tall, dark yellow double color paint block diagonal brush, its a distance of 200 mm, oblique Angle of 45 °. Shenzhen housing and urban and rural construction bureau has taken two straight 'four' ( Don't send notification, without warning, don't listen to the report, need not accompanied by reception; To the grassroots and into the field) Way to organize the construction site safety inspection, on the part of the new construction and operation is the foundation pit project of raids, and the problems found in the site designated by, supervise and urge the rectification, ensure the construction safety production work good in stability. What's the problem with one thousand check to the scaffold is to say, shenzhen aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer to remind you that you must use normal aluminum alloy scaffolding, to see whether the scaffolding manufacturer qualification. Certificate of manufacturer is complete. Scaffold lift many shenzhen construction sites need to form a complete set of electric elevator quickly building materials rises to the top, so aluminum alloy scaffolding must choose good quality aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer, strong, and the scaffold building plan, and determine relevant personnel signature.
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